Weekly Update

2019 500 Technique Challenge

Happy Monday!

This week students who passed their belt tests will be receiving their new belts in class. We would like to congratulate Gabriel who is our Student of the Month. All of the instructors agree that his hard work has earned him the honour of being the November Student of the Month!

On Saturday December 11th, Tallack Martial Arts will be hosting the annual Technique Challenge in support of the Salvation Army Christmas Hamper Campaign. Students in the 4-8 year old program will begin their 500 technique Challenge at 10am, students in the 9-12 year old program will begin their 1000 Technique Challenge at 11am, and students in the Teen and Adult program will begin their 5000 Technique Challenge at 11am. Students can expect to receive their pledge forms next week and space is limited so be sure to book your spot.

See you in class!


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