Melanie Girard, Renshi, 4th Dan

Renshi Melanie Girard Adam began her training at a local Tae Kwon Do school at the age of 17 in Crescent Valley, British Columbia. After a year and a half, a move took her away from her training. Eventually settling into Ontario, and her new home, she was ready to pursue her passion for the Martial Arts.

She began her training in Goju Ryu Meitoku-Ha under Hanshi Ken Tallack. After a few months of Karate training, she was introduced to her first weapons class and continues to train in both Karate and Kobudo.

A year into her training she was approached by Hanshi Ken Tallack and was offered a position at the Tallack Dojo as a Karate Kids instructor and receptionist. This was a life changing opportunity that she took advantage of and turned into her career.

2009 proved to be a pivotal year for Melanie. In May 2009 Melanie Loxton became a Director of Tallack Martial Arts, where the teachings of Hanshi Ken Tallack continue today.

In June 2009 Melanie successfully completed her examination and received her First Degree Black Belt from Hanshi Ken Tallack.

In 2011, Melanie was involved with the major planning, organization of running of the Canadian Butoku Sai in Kingston, Ontario alongside Hanshi Tallack.

In April 2012, Melanie attended the 4th World Butoku Sai in Kyoto, Japan. In 2014, during the Annual Canadian Karate Kung-Fu Association Banquet in Kingston, Melanie was awarded the Humberto Medeiros Memorial Award for representation of her indomitable will, spirit, and devotion to her training as noted by her peers.

In 2015, Melanie tested for her Third Degree Black Belt in Karate, and was the recipient of the Chelsea Tobin Memorial Award for her continued dedication and spirit in her Martial Arts practice.

In 2019, Renshi Loxton was awarded the Kobudo Builder Award for her contributions to the martial art over the years including his countless hours training and teaching the art.

In early 2019, Melanie was officially certified under the Okinawa Kobudo Doushi Rensei-kai (OKDR) as 1st Degree Black Belt in Matayoshi Okinawan Kobudo and 2nd Degree in 2021.

Aside from her work in the office as lead administrator, Melanie also teaches at schools for the Tallack’s Karate Kids Program, the Adult Beginner & Advanced Karate Programs, and the Kobudo Program.

Melanie is currently Fourth Degree Black Belt in Karate and Second Degree Black Belt in Kobudo.