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Children’s Beginner Karate Schedule

Children’s Advanced Karate Schedule

The Tallack System is used by Martial Arts schools all across Canada!


Tallack Martial Arts is home to the most elite children’s Martial Arts programs in the country! Our special learning systems are used by Martial Arts schools all over North America, and your child will have the opportunity to learn directly from the expert instructors who created them!

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Our children’s programs are directed by 9th Degree Black Belt Hanshi Ken Tallack.

Our children’s program offers a variety of benefits for your child, benefits they receive as a result of their own hard work, dedication and discipline. Your child will be guided through the Tallack Martial Arts Learning Program by our highly trained and experienced instructors, and personally assisted by their own individual groups and coaches.

Our classes are limited, so your child of whatever age will receive all the personal attention they need. While this can create the need for a waiting list for entry into the program, it ensures a consistent high quality-learning program for your child. Our goal is to see the children grow in confidence, developing strong powers of concentration through the physical and mental exercises of Karate.

Children are split into age groups:

~ Little Dragons (Students 4½ to 5 Years Old)
~ 6 to 8 Years Old
~ 9 to 12 Years Old

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Our Children’s classes are designed to fulfill the energy and focus requirements of young children; students start off in our high energy classes, focusing on the blocking and kicking techniques of Karate. Including rolling and falling self-defence techniques of Jujutsu. Each class incorporates a fun atmosphere with an emphasis on Character Education, teaching the children character development concepts such as Listening, Respect, Focus, Discipline, and Effort. When students move on to the advanced curriculum, they are challenged with more complex and exciting techniques. Through the practice of the karate techniques, Tallack Martial Arts aims to build character education that allow students to have happy, healthy, and successful endeavours in their lifetime.