Online Lesson Schedule

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce our schedule for online and interactive classes for our members. Please see the schedule for your class times, we will be starting as of THIS SATURDAY. Please look for an email inviting you to your first upcoming class very soon. Thank you for your continued support. DOWNLOADABLE PDF…


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Lesson: Leopard Kung-Fu

Kyle and Dominique explain and demonstrate some of the Leopard Kung-Fu techniques of Tallack Martial Arts as well as a section of the Leopard form. We hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Zenkutsudachi

Dominique explains and demonstrates another important stance of Karate, the Zenkutsudachi. We hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Back Roll

Michael continues the lesson of the Front Roll on to the next part, the Back Roll.

Lesson: Chu Geri Ge

Melanie explains and demonstrates the Kihon Kata Chu Jo Ge of Tallack Martial Arts, we hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Front Roll

Michael helps demonstrate and explain one of the best self-defense techniques, the Front Roll.

Lesson: Saifa

Kyle and Dominique help explain some important details of the kata Saifa as well as demonstrate the exercise. We hope you enjoy!


UPDATE – Tonight’s 6pm Teen and Adult class has been rescheduled to 12:30pm TOMORROW Sorry everyone that was cut short during the last class but we might not have our other online classes this evening due to a power outage caused by down live wires on the road behind the building. We will keep you…

Lesson: Shikodachi

Dominique demonstrates and explains the very important stance for all of our Karate practice, the Shikodachi.

Lesson: Chu Shuto Ge

Melanie and Dominique explain and demonstrate the beginner kata Chu Shuto Ge, enjoy!

Lesson: Crane Kung-Fu

Kyle and Dominique share a lesson on some of our Crane Kung-Fu techniques of Tallack Dojo. We hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Stretching

Follow along with Dominique as she goes through some of the various important stretches for a healthy body and a limber martial artist!

Lesson: Tom Hoi Form

Kyle demonstrates and explains one of the Kung-Fu Forms of Tallack Dojo, the Tom Hoi. We hope you enjoy!