Thursday Pics of the Week

Students Holton and Phoebe working hard during their belt tests this week, great job and keep up the hard work!

Web Wisdom Wednesday

It’s why he is the best! – How Jackie Chan Combines Action And Comedy  By: Brian Ashcraft YouTubers Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos at Every Frame a Painting do a wonderful analysis of what makes Jackie Chan’s action—and comedy—work so damn well. You might remember their examination of Michael Bay’s techniques. Here, they take a look at his analysis…

Monday Weekly Update

Hey everybody! We hope that you had a good weekend and are staying dry today, with this damp and rainy weather. This week is ‘Testing Week’ here at the dojo, so make sure that you are in and working hard in your classes to pass your next tip or rank test this week, and don’t…

Thursday Pic of the Week

    Our finalized event poster, instruction schedule, and registration forms for our upcoming 12-Hour Training Day on Saturday November 3rd!         It’s going to be another great event with some world class instruction by local and visiting master instructors in their respective disciplines!         See you all at…

Tuesday Long Weekend Update & Quote of the Day

Hey everybody! We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving Long Weekend with your friends and families, we are back and set for another week here at the dojo! This week is ‘Pre-Testing Week’, so make sure that you are in and working hard in your classes to prepare for your monthly test next week….

Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Hey everyone! This is just a reminder that all classes will be postponed for the Thanksgiving Long Weekend. We hope you enjoy the time off with your friends and family, we will see you back on Tuesday!

Web Wisdom Wednesday

Another great article written by the “Karate Nerd” Jesse Enkamp. Give it a read! – 5 Smart Ways To Improve Your Karate Faster By Jesse Enkamp Do you want to improve your Karate? Of course. We all do. Unfortunately, sometimes it feels like we’re not improving as fast as we want. Especially if you’re an advanced practitioner….

Monday Weekly Update

Hey everybody! We hope you had a good weekend, were back and ready for a quick week here at the dojo. This Wednesday evening is our next meeting and training session for our group travelling to Kyoto, we look forward to seeing you all at 7! This weekend is also the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, so…