Jennifer Ecclestone, 2nd Dan

Inspired by her older brother, Jennifer began her training in Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate at the age of seven in the summer of 2003 attending classes at both the dojo and at the Truedell Public School Karate Kids Program. Ever since then, Jennifer has kept up her training and she has learned many things over the years – all of which she is excited to pass on to her students!

Jennifer received her first-degree Black Belt (Shodan) in Goju-Ryu from Hanshi Ken Tallack on June 14, 2014. She then received her first-degree Black Sash from Si Tai Gung (Grand Master) David Chong on June 4, 2016. She currently holds official certification in four of the six traditional Shaolin forms, and is working to complete her collection. Jennifer also studies Traditional Chinese Fut Shan Lion Dance under Sifu Robin Young.

She has recently begun training in the Tallack Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts Program under two-time Super Heavyweight Champion Sensei Jonnathan Marconi and two-time undefeated Heavyweight Champion Tim Cronk.

Jennifer currently teaches in the Children’s Advanced classes. She assists in both the Kung-Fu Program and the Saturday ‘open’ classes. Along with her brother and Lion Dance partner, Steven, Jennifer acts as coach, choreographer, and lead dancer for the Tallack Lion Dance Team. She can often be found at the dojo training with her family (colloquially known as the Ecclestone Army).

Fueled by a lifetime passion for Martial Arts, Jennifer has attended multiple Martial Arts events. Such events include the 2011 DNBK Second World Youth Butoku Sai & Canadian Butoku Sai, as well as Tallack Martial Arts’ own Annual 500 Technique Challenges and Winter Training Festivals. Jennifer has participated in many tournaments, earning trophies for her kata, forms, sparing, and creative forms. She tries to bring the budo spirit to all aspects of her life.

To further her Martial Arts opportunities, Jennifer studied the Japanese language under Professor Keiko Aoki of Queens University. She is currently engaging in self-guided study of the language and culture of Japan.