Chris Ecclestone, 3rd Dan

Chris came back to martial arts training in his mid-thirties after completing his law degree in 2003, having previously trained in Judo and Aiki-Jutsu.

Martial arts are a family affair for Chris, who trains with his wife and four children, all but the youngest of whom hold black belt rank in at least one Martial Art. No doubt the youngest child, who has been training since he was almost four, will earn his black belt when he is old enough to test for it in a few years.

Chris received his 1st degree Black Belt (Shodan) in Goju-Ryu Karate in 2009, 2nd degree (Nidan) in 2014, and 3rd degree (Sandan) in 2017.  He continues to train in Karate and has also been studying Kobudo for the past couple of years.

Chris teaches the open class for adults and teens on Saturday’s, and often assists in adult, teen or children’s classes.