Lesson: Leopard Kung-Fu

Kyle and Dominique explain and demonstrate some of the Leopard Kung-Fu techniques of Tallack Martial Arts as well as a section of the Leopard form. We hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Zenkutsudachi

Dominique explains and demonstrates another important stance of Karate, the Zenkutsudachi. We hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Back Roll

Michael continues the lesson of the Front Roll on to the next part, the Back Roll.

Lesson: Chu Geri Ge

Melanie explains and demonstrates the Kihon Kata Chu Jo Ge of Tallack Martial Arts, we hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Front Roll

Michael helps demonstrate and explain one of the best self-defense techniques, the Front Roll.

Lesson: Saifa

Kyle and Dominique help explain some important details of the kata Saifa as well as demonstrate the exercise. We hope you enjoy!


UPDATE – Tonight’s 6pm Teen and Adult class has been rescheduled to 12:30pm TOMORROW Sorry everyone that was cut short during the last class but we might not have our other online classes this evening due to a power outage caused by down live wires on the road behind the building. We will keep you…

Lesson: Shikodachi

Dominique demonstrates and explains the very important stance for all of our Karate practice, the Shikodachi.

Lesson: Chu Shuto Ge

Melanie and Dominique explain and demonstrate the beginner kata Chu Shuto Ge, enjoy!

Lesson: Crane Kung-Fu

Kyle and Dominique share a lesson on some of our Crane Kung-Fu techniques of Tallack Dojo. We hope you enjoy!

Lesson: Stretching

Follow along with Dominique as she goes through some of the various important stretches for a healthy body and a limber martial artist!

Lesson: Tom Hoi Form

Kyle demonstrates and explains one of the Kung-Fu Forms of Tallack Dojo, the Tom Hoi. We hope you enjoy!