Monday Weekly Update

Morning everyone! we hope that you had a good weekend. As we move onto week two of our new semester for our Karate Kids Program schools, we look forward to meeting some more boys and girls as they join us for their programs at their school!

This week is ‘Pre-Testing Week’ here at the dojo, so make sure that you are in and working hard in your classes to prepare for your tip or rank test next week!

Our monthly Japan team meeting will be held this Wednesday, we look forward to seeing the team again this week!

We are ONLY 12 DAYS AWAY until our 25th Anniversary festival weekend! We can’t wait to see you all joining us again for a great weekend filled of Martial Arts training and friendship! We have a great group of instructors teaching seminars for our event, and we also can’t wait to see how our fundraising efforts will help out the Kingston Foodbank and our upcoming Japan trip this year! For more information, be sure to visit our event page here.

We hope you have a great week everyone, we will see you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

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