EVENT UPDATE – January 30

Hi everyone!

Welcome to update #2 leading up to our 25th Anniversary Winter Training Festival that is now only TWO WEEKS AWAY! I want to again thank everyone who has supported us, pre-registered, and will be joining us for this great weekend of Martial Arts training, friendship, and celebration. Please read below for a few more updates regarding the event:

  • After a little bit more work, the second version of the seminar instruction schedule is attached/included below, this has reflected some scheduling changes to help provide some further clarity, as well as corrections for some of our guest instructors travel schedules.UPDATED SCHEDULE HERE
  • Our commemorative booklets have arrived, and they look great! I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on one, to see this special booklet featuring our weekend of celebration. Everyone that pre-registered will receive their free copy upon checking in at our registration table. More copies will also be available for sale that weekend if you wish to purchase, and these funds will also go towards helping our fundraising efforts of the weekend.
  • The event t-shirts have been ordered and will be arriving soon, along with some extra surprises that I hope you all will enjoy. Be sure to collect your t-shirt when checking in and receiving your event booklet as well. Limited extra shirts will also be available for purchase for anyone who missed the pre-registration deadline.
  • While we are at The Holiday Inn, please note that they are undergoing some renovations. This will not affect our event rooms for the weekend in any manner, it will just be a different temporary location for the front lobby entrance. This temporary lobby is also connected to the temporary breakfast room, with a short trip down the hall to the elevators to bring you up to the 6th floor where all of our events will be held for the weekend. Because the main floor restaurant is inaccessible at this time, the hotel will also provide everyone with coupons for nearby downtown Kingston restaurants for any additional meals that you or your family & friends might require during your stay.
  • Although I managed to miss it in the initial communication, and I deeply apologize for, please note that as the same as last year’s event, the addition of overnight parking fees during your stay. These are discounted for our group to $22/night instead of the $30 normal for their lot.
  • We will have some special guests attending our weekend, so please be sure introduce yourselves and show the warm welcome, courtesy and respect that I know we all will do as they will spectate or participate in certain parts of the weekend.
  • If you are still looking for a hotel room for our weekend, I have opened a block of rooms at the very close by Confederation Place Hotel under the group name “Tallack Martial Arts” please call 1-613-549-6300 to book today! These rooms are however only available until January 31st.
  • If you are bringing items to our annual silent auction and raffle tables, please bring them as soon as possible upon your arrival so they can be set up and available for everyone to enjoy. And don’t forget to bring your money to help purchase these great items that are helping out our annual fundraiser!
  • As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask, and we will help the best that we can to help maximize everyone’s time and enjoyment during our event.

This will probably be the last update until I see you here in Kingston, ONLY 16 days left until this special event. I look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Renshi Kyle CochraneTallack Martial Arts

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