Feb 13th Update – Testing – Class Bookings – Family Day

Class Bookings

Just a friendly reminder to book your classes in advance through Perfect Mind. Link Below:


Booking allows for optimal management of the Instructor to Student ratio.

Please reach out to us via email, phone 613-331-4408, or in-person at the dojo if there is any difficulty booking your classes. We will gladly help đź™‚!

Testing Week – February 13th-16th

  • Program Instructors will evaluate students to see if they are ready to progress and present tips and belts to students who have earned their progress through hard work. 
  • Home achievement charts will need to be handed in this week as apart of regular children’s testing.
  • Students who pass their belt test will receive their new belt next week. 
  • A graduation will not be held this weekend due to the long holiday weekend and the Winter Training Festival. 

Family Day Long Weekend – February 17th – 20th – CLASSES POSTPONED

  • Karate Classes will be postponed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!
  • If you still want to train during this long weekend, there may still be space in the Winter Training Festival for adults and Teens. 

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