February 6th, 2023 Weekly Update

Pretesting – Family Day – Late Sign up for Winter Training Festival – Dojo Students playing Hockey 🙂

PRE-TESTING Week – February 6th-11th

  • Instructors will begin to check with students on a one-on-one basis (if required) to see if they are ready for testing week.
  • Home achievement charts will need to be handed in next week as apart of regular children’s testing

FAMILY DAY Long Weekend – February 17th – 20th – CLASSES POSTPONED

  • Classes will be postponed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!
  • If you still want to train during this long weekend, there may still be space in the Winter Training Festival for adults and Teens.

WINTER TRAINING FESTIVAL – Late registration – Volunteers wanted!!

  • Please email wintertrainingfestival@gmail.com to see if there is space to join martial art seminars taught by master level instructors!
  • Volunteers are welcome!!! Parents and Family members are welcome to be volunteers!!! Please see Mel or Dom to sign up.

Please email tallackmartialarts@hotmail.com or call (613) 634-9277 for any questions or concerns. Tallack Martial Arts Staff will gladly help!

Here are some pics of Children in a Canadian Dojo playing hockey and another one of their favourite games!

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