Kyoto, Japan – Part 4

Our next day in Kyoto had another small chunk of free time after breakfast. A small group of us walked some of the ‘Philosopher’s Path’ north up towards the Silver Pavilion. It was a great experience to witness some of the zen preparation techniques of the hand groomed gardens and rock trails masterly crafted and cared for on a daily basis.

After a bit of souvenir shopping nearby, we headed back to the Budo Center for a quick bento box lunch. Then we worked on the official demonstration practice for the World Butokusai and Rensei Taikai.

After dinner, a quick trip around the hotel area found us witnessing Japanese Gas Stations for the first time, we also made a couple friends with some local shopkeepers.

We are all set for our next day with a good chunk of free time in the morning/afternoon before our first official formal dinner tomorrow evening, the opening of the 5th World Butokusai!

We hope you enjoy the pictures from today!

– Kyle

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