Weekly Update – January 17th, 2023!

Hello Members!

I hope you are staying safe and warm in this weather.

Here is what is currently happening at your dojo:

Testing week- January 16th-22nd:

Students 4-12 years old will be required to bring in their Home Achievement to finish testing.

There is an attendance requirement for testing, students will be able to catch up on lessons they missed over the holidays at this time.

Graduation on Saturday 22nd @ 2pm

Karate Kids Graduations

Thank you for your patience as we had many guests over this past weekend.

Congratulations to all Karate Kids School Program Graduates!

Dojo Picture Day

Wednesday January 25th 4pm – 6pm and Saturday January 28th 10am – 1pm

5×7 print – $8, 8×10 print – $10, Digital file emailed – $15, Combo any print and digital copy – $20$5 processing fee for each order and all proceeds go to the Xochitl Rivera memorial bench fund.

Group Fitness Classes

-Sundays @ 10am

-$10/ Session

-16 years old +

-All proceeds go to the Xochi Rivera memorial bench fund.

-Last session- February 12th, 2023

Winter Training Festival

Train with the Top Masters of Martial Arts in Canada

Become experienced with the process of Black belt testing in the Authentic, Imperial, Japanese Grading system

Get a taste of different martial art seminars including Okinawan weaponry, Japanese swordsmanship, different karate styles, Kung fu, and more!

Become more involved in the martial arts community and local community fundraisers.

11 years old +

Registration deadline – February 3rd – Online Registration


Please email tallackmartialarts@hotmail.com or call (613) 634-9277 for any questions or concerns. Tallack Martial Arts Staff will gladly help!

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