Weekly Update

On Wednesday March 3rd, Hanshi Ken Tallack proudly presents Dan Irwin, Director of the Kingston Food Bank with a donation of $1250 to help our local community in need. 
$750 was raised from our annual 2021 Winter Training Festival – ONLINE EDITION Event & $500 from the DNBK Canadian Division

Looking on:
– Representing Tallack Martial Arts, Renshi Melanie Girard
– Non-Profit Martial Arts Inc. President Chris Ecclestone and Vice President Charles Ecclestone
– Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Canadian Division National Coordinator Mike Broekhoven
– Renshi Kyle Cochrane of the Winter Training Festival (Photographer)

We want to thank all of our annual event participants who joined from across the entire country to share their spirit in martial arts training and help support a great local cause.

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