Monday Weekly Update

As we return to the back-to-school season, we hope that everyone can take the time to thank all of our educators making their best efforts to keep our youth educated during these new trying times.

We are all set for our classes this week and hope to see everyone in for their classes this week, but also understand if there might need to be a missed class or two over these next couple weeks while everyone is getting used to their new schedule and routine for school.

Unfortunately due to the local school boards decisions on community use bookings, the Tallack’s Karate Kids Program will NOT be running for the school year. But if that changes, of course keep up to date here and we will notify you.

We will be postponing ALL of our online and in person classes this Saturday and Monday for the Labour Day Long Weekend. We hope you can enjoy the time off with your friends and family safely.

We hope you have a great week everyone, we will see you at the dojo, and wish you the best of luck with your back-to-school learning!

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