Update – March 25, 2020

Hello everyone, we hope that you are all staying well, happy, and healthy during these trying times.

As you might have noticed, yesterday we hosted a live lesson, then re-shared that lesson along with two other videos of class content later in the day.

For the time being, we will be continuing to release daily videos of our instructors teaching our class content for all of our students to view and practice along with until our regular classes resume. Ensure you check back every day to have content featured for all of our programs and age groups.

Also at this time, our memberships for all students are currently on hold, and all missed time will be saved for you. Please feel free to contact the dojo directly if you have any questions.

We are currently working on a schedule to book live interactive lessons via our zoom meeting program. When the schedule is available, we will notify you all, and you will be able to book your lesson by email.

We want to thank you all for watching the videos that we hosted and shared yesterday, your support to a local small business when community spirit is needed most, is greatly appreciated.

Melanie & Staff – Tallack Martial Arts

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