Monday Weekly Update

Hey everyone! we hope you had a good weekend, the nice weather is slowly coming back! and we’re set for a busy one here at the dojo.

This week is ‘Pre-Testing Week’, so make sure that you are in and working hard in your classes to be prepared for your rank or tip test next week. And don’t forget about getting your sheets for next week ready!

This Friday evening is another group night at the Kingston Frontenacs Hockey Game, the dojo will be sharing group seats for the game and our demonstration team will be performing in the concourse during the intermissions. If you want any discounted group tickets TODAY IS YOUR LAST DAY TO ORDER THEM!!

As we move onto March Break next week, we will have additional lunchtime classes from 12-1pm, Mon-Thurs, for all ADVANCED STUDENTS. this is a great opportunity to make up on some recently missed classes or to have some lunchtime classes to free up your evenings.

We hope you have a great week everyone, we will see you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

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