Tuesday Long Weekend Update & Quote of the Day

Wow what a weekend!! We can’t thank everyone enough who came out and supported our 25th Anniversary Winter Training Festival Weekend.

From the great turnout of youth on the Saturday morning bringing in non-perishable food donations to the Kingston Foodbank, to all of the visiting instructors teaching all Saturday afternoon to the eager students in attendance, to the wonderful and delicious banquet meal filled with multiple awards and presentations on the Saturday evening, to the instructors giving their time again on the Sunday morning, and to the last and final event, the successful completion of our annual DNBK presentations on the Sunday afternoon.

It was truly a busy and full weekend of friendship, training, and celebration. Here’s to 25 more!!

Look for more information of the results of our weekend to come soon.

This week we will be catching up anyone who missed their tip or rank presentation last weekend due to our event. We look forward to seeing everyone back this week with their stories and favourite parts of the weekend to share!

We will leave you with today’s quote: “Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure.” – Meister Eckhart

See you at the dojo,

  • Kyle

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