Web Wisdom Wednesday

“Karate Sneakers” for $900? Thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick to my Tabi!


Known for producing different iterations of the iconic sock-style sneakerVetements has just released the popular silhouette featuring knit uppers with a slim rubber sole. Dubbed the “Karate Sneakers,” the new pair arrives in a new low-impact, minimal design in comparison to its previous chunky outsole versions. Along with the short version of the shoe, the label has also added a tall edition to the sneakers highlighting a bold anarchy symbol print which you can take a look at in the gallery above.

The Vetements Karate Sneaker and the Anarchy Sock Sneaker are available at The Webster for $690 USD each. While you’re here, be sure to check out Vetements x Reebok’s latest sock sneaker.

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