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THIS LOOKS SUPER AWESOME!! – https://etcanada.com/news/478071/netflix-unveils-explosive-trailer-for-new-kung-fu-series-wu-assassins/

Netflix Unveils Explosive Trailer For New Kung Fu Series ‘Wu Assassins’


Get ready for high-kicking martial arts action from “Wu Assassins”, a new Netflix action show that released its action-packed first trailer on Tuesday.

Set to the rhythm of Snoop Dogg and the Higher Brothers, the new “Wu Assassins” trailer teases what promises to be one of the most kinetic, exciting martial arts series ever, featuring an all-Asian cast headed by Iko Uwais (“The Raid”) as Kai, a chef in San Francisco’s Chinatown chef who discovers he’s the avatar of the ancient “Wu Assassin” (Mark Dacascos).”

“‘Wu Assassins’ follows Kai Jin, a young Chinatown chef in present day San Francisco, as he becomes entangled with the Chinese Triad’s pursuit of deadly ancient powers known as the ‘Wu Xing,’” declares Netflix’s official synopsis.

“After an encounter with a mystical spirit, Kai reluctantly becomes the Wu Assassin, using his enhanced martial arts skills to recover supernatural powers from five modern day criminals threatening to use them to destroy the world,” the synopsis continues.

“Wu Assassins” premieres on Thursday, August 8.

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