Monday Weekly Update

Hey everybody! We hope that you had a good weekend, as we sure had a busy one!

We concluded our Karate Kids Program Graduation Ceremonies this past weekend, thank you to everyone who came out, and congratulations on receiving your new belt! Please look for pictures of the ceremonies to come later this week.

This week is also ‘Testing Week’ here at the dojo, so make sure you are in for your classes this week, working hard, and bringing in your Home Achievement Chart and/or Belt Testing Sheet to complete your tip or belt test this week!

This weekend is the Victoria Day Long Weekend, so ALL CLASSES WILL BE POSTPONED on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for the holiday weekend. This also includes our graduation ceremony normally held on the Friday of testing week. All students who pass their belt tests this week will be presented their new rank next week in their regular classes.

Our classes will resume to their regular schedule on Tuesday the 21st after the long weekend.

Hope you have a good week everyone, see you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

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