Monday Weekly Update

Sensei Jon Marconi Instructing MMA at our 2019 Winter Training Festival

Hello everyone, we’re back! We hope you had a great weekend, it’s about as wind as possible here today at the dojo, so ensure you are using your good stances and bases in travel today. And if need be, don’t forget those break falls!

Hanshi Alex Atkinson Instructing Kickboxing at our 2019 Winter Training Festival

We are getting ready to move onto another new month this weekend, and as our big annual event is now complete, we are getting ready for our next yearly event, the 2019 CKKA Weekend!

Kyoshi Sylvain Berthiaume Instructing Shotokan Karate at our 2019 Winter Training Festival

The 2019 Convention Weekend is being hosted by Sifu David Moylan and the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy, which will be held at the Inn of Waterloo, from Friday March 29th to Sunday March 31st.

Sensei Scott Southwell Instructing Kenpo at our 2019 Winter Training Festival

There will be an AGM, Tournament Competiton, Martial Arts Seminars, Banquet and Awards Ceremony, Instruction by our Kung-Fu Master Instructor Si Tai Gung David Chong, and Black Sash Rank and Animal Form Style Certifications.

2019 Weekend Flyer

For more information, please visit the CKKA website at this link and you can register anytime between now and the event. We are looking forward to our annual visit with all of the CKKA schools, and hope to see you all there!

Have a great week everyone, see you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

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