Monday Weekly Update


Hey everyone, we hope that you had a great weekend as we sure did!

We had our monthly graduation ceremony for all successful rank testing students this past Friday, congratulations to all who received their new ranks, and to the new December Student of the Month – Ruby! All students that missed the ceremony will be presented their new rank in their respective class this week.

Our Holiday parties were on Saturday, and we had a great group of children for the 4-8 and 9-12 year old parties. The teen and adult party in the evening was a fun group having a great time with lots of tasty pot-luck food. Everyone had fun for the gift exchange game, and we congratulate Steven for winning the Ugly Sweater contest!

This is our final full week of classes for both the Dojo and Karate Kids Program schools for 2018, our Karate Kids Program schools will start their holidays next week, and we will be on reduced hours at the dojo until January 2nd. For the full schedule of our holiday hours, please check out our monthly newsletter or the posted notes in and around the dojo.

Hanshi Tallack is looking forward to the “Noon-Nen Keiko” class on New Year’s Eve from 11AM to 1PM, which will include a meeting for our Japan Trip Group, as well as the traditional ceremony held in martial arts schools, which he will be leading for everyone who attends.

Have a great week everyone, get some time in this week before some time off for the next two weeks for Christmas and New Year’s!

  • Kyle

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