Monday Weekly Update

Hey everybody! We hope that you had a great weekend, as we sure had a long and busy one!

This past Saturday was our 7th Annual 12-Hour Training Day, and we had a great turnout of eager students ready to train and learn all day from 7:30 AM to PM.

Six seminars were taught in Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung-Fu, Okinawan Kobudo, and MMA across the day with many students trying and learning many new aspects only available from the day of classes.

We want to thank Hanshi Ken Tallack, Kellar Guimares, Hanshi Alex Atkinson, Sensei Melanie Loxton, Dominique Picard, and Jon Marconi for coming out and instructing the various seminars for the day.

Over $1100 was raised by donations to buy new equipment for the dojo that these generous students will be able to learn with and use very soon!

This week at the dojo is ‘Pre-Testing Week’ so make sure that you are in and working hard in your classes to get ready for your test next week!

Our next big event to come is our annual 500 Technique Challenge & Salvation Army fundraiser, that will be happening on Saturday November 24th, at Cataraqui Woods Elementary School.


Have a great week everyone, see you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

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