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Wong Fei Hung, Ip Man, Bruce Lee, and Chen Zhen! I’m looking forward to this one! – https://www.star2.com/entertainment/2018/09/26/kung-fu-league-chinese-martial-artists/

4 Chinese martial arts legends team up in ‘Kung Fu League’

Director Jeff Lau – best known for some of Stephen Chow’s hit flicks like All For The Winner, A Chinese Odyssey Part 1 and Part 2 – has cooked up what looks like another winner with Kung Fu League.
For this action-comedy, Lau has gathered four legendary martial art masters in one film. There is Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung (Vincent Zhao reprising his role from Once Upon A Time In China film and television series), Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man (Dennis To portrayed this character in the 2010 flick The Legend Is Born – Ip Man), fictional character Chen Zhen, first portrayed by Bruce Lee in Fist Of Fury (here played by Danny Chan Kwok Kwan) and Chinese martial artist Huo Yuan Jia (played by Andy On).
From the trailer, it seems like these four legends are somehow transported to the present day, where they team up to take down some bad guys. Four martial artists in one movie … who doesn’t want to see that?
Kung Fu League opens at cinemas nationwide on Nov 1.
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