Monday Weekly Update


Hey everyone! We hope that you had a great weekend. We are all set and ready to go to launch all of our 12 first semester Karate Kids Program Schools this week!

Our first classes at each school will be happening this week as we collect all of the registration forms and provide the students with their team member items for the classes.

We will be catching anyone up who missed receiving their tip or belt form last week’s testing in our classes at the dojo this week.

Our next big event happening at the dojo will be our 7th annual 12-Hour Training Day! Happening on Saturday November 3rd, we hope that you can all join us for a great day of training with some wonderful instructors we have lined up for the day. Please look for registration forms to come soon!

7th Annual 12-Hour Training Day Flyer

For more information or to RSVP, please click this link!

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