Web Wisdom Wednesday

Karate Nerd Okinawa Season 2

The Nerd is back! Watch the first episode of Season 2 of the ‘Karate Nerd in Okinawa’! – http://www.karatebyjesse.com/okinawa-karate-season-2/

Watch Season 2 of “Karate Nerd in Okinawa” Now!

It’s time again!

My popular webshow “Karate Nerd in Okinawa” is back.

After your amazing feedback from Season 1, I knew I had to do a second season.

This time I’m training with new grandmasters, competing in the Okinawan World Tournament, discovering secret Karate techniques and historical locations, teaching my first Okinawan seminar…

…and MUCH more!

Are YOU ready to watch?

The first episode can be seen below.

Episode 1

I’m dropping NEW episodes every Sunday on my Youtube channel and Facebook page.

All episodes will also be added to this page.


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