Monday Weekly Update

Hey everyone! We hope that you had a great weekend.

We are back to another ‘Testing Week’ here at the dojo, so make sure that you are in for your progress check this week, and don’t forget to bring in those Home Achievement Charts and/or Belt Testing Sheets!

All students that pass their belt rank test this week will be invited to our monthly graduation ceremony held this Friday at the dojo from 6-7pm.

So come on out, work hard, and enjoy the AC for classes. We hope you have a great week, see you at the dojo!

– Kyle

P.S. – Speaking of Friday evening, any adults interested in stopping by and saying hi and grabbing a pint for the combined weekend celebration for Kyle, Dominique, and Michael’s birthday’s, you can stop by and join us at King’s Town Beer Co. between 7-10pm! For more info, check out the link here 🙂

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