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End of Karate Kids Program Summer Skills Competition, PARTY IN THE PARK, and Senior Belt Examination DAY!

To RSVP, click this link! https://www.facebook.com/events/2089467884656937/

June 2nd Flyer
On Saturday June 2nd, Tallack Martial Arts will be hosting their annual Summer Skills Competition and Senior Belt Examination in conjunction with ‘Party in the Park’ and the end of the Karate Kids Program classes for the semester.

The event will be held at Cataraqui Woods Elementary School (1255 Birchwood Dr.), starting at 10 AM.

Doors open at 9 AM, and the event for children should conclude around noon.

Admission to the event is by monetary or food donation to The Kingston Food Bank, provider of helpful meals and necessities to those in need, all across Kingston and area.

After the competition, students of Tallack Martial Arts will be participating in a day-long examination for various ranks of Karate and Kung-Fu including Black Belt tests for some students.

Parts of the test will be held at Tallack Dojo, as well as Lions Civic Gardens (Near the Cataraqui Town Centre).

We hope you can join us!

If you have any questions, please call us at 613-634-9277, visit our website at www.kingstonkarate.com, or e-mail us at tallackmartialarts@hotmail.com

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