Monday Weekly Update

Hey everyone! We hope that you had a great weekend, as some of us sure had a busy one!

Saturday evening banquet featuring a Lion Dance.

This past weekend was the 12th Annual CKKA Gathering Weekend, held this year in Vaughan, Ontario. Over 250 students and instructors attended for association meetings, tournament competition, martial arts seminars, awards banquet, and various gradings.

Lion Dance members from North Bay, Waterloo, and Kingston. Special thanks to Sifu Robin Young for organizing!

It was a great chance to see again, work with, talk to, and meet so many familiar and new friendly faces visiting from all across Canada, Texas, Arizona, and new to this year, Hawaii!

(From Left): CKKA Grand Master – Si Tai Gung David Chong, Hanshi Ken Tallack, Kung-Fu Student and Assistant Instructor – Recipient of the 2018 Student of the Year Award Spencer Brown, and Sifu Kyle Cochrane.

Congratulations to the following students and instructors for their accomplishments over the weekend:

Sifu Kyle Cochrane – 1st Member from Tallack Martial Arts to be appointed to CKKA Board of Executives

Samuel Crabtreee – 3rd Degree Black Sash Certification & Tiger Form Certification

Michael Gordanier – 1st Degree Black Sash Certification

Spencer Brown – 2018 Student of the Year Award Recipient from Tallack Martial Arts & Tiger Form Certification

Logan Weaver – Crane Form Certification

Michael Brodie – Tiger Form Certification

Derek Broekhoven – Crane Form Certification

Successful grading for animal form and rank certification students!

We want to thank everyone who attended, we hope that you enjoyed the weekend! We are looking forward to next year’s event for 2019, tentatively planned for the end of March in Waterloo, Ontario, hosted by The Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy.

Tallack Martial Arts Grading & Certification Members along with Si Tai Gung David Chong and Sifu Kyle Cochrane.

This week at the dojo is ‘Pre-Testing Week’, so make sure that you are in and working hard to get ready for your test next week. Our Karate Kids Program Schools are continuing to work hard in preparation for their upcoming end-of-year test!

Hope you have a great week,  see you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

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