Monday Weekly Update


Hey everyone, we hope that you had a great weekend!

We had the great chance to train with Hanshi Tallack this past Saturday afternoon, with special guests visiting from Quebec City, Jonathan Morissette and Dgina Girouard from Vision Arts-Martiaux. It was great to see you two again, and we hope you enjoyed the training and look forward to seeing you both again soon!


This week there is a final chance to catch up on a missed tip or belt test from last week’s test, due to it running the same week as march break, where we know alot of students had some time off or away for the break.

This is also the final week for pre-registration for the upcoming CKKA weekend in Vaughan, April 6th-8th. Visit to get all of the information, and to pre-register online!


We hope you have a great week, see you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

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