Tuesday Long Weekend Update & Quote of the Day

Hello everyone, we sure had a great and busy weekend! Approximately 300 people attended our Winter Training Festival event at the Ambassador Hotel here in Kingston. Attendees came from all across Canada, including for the first time, we had representation from as far as Victoria, British Columbia and Fredericton, New Brunswick. Many others came from across Ontario and Quebec with more than 25 Dojo’s represented.


Saturday morning was host to our Youth event for children aged 11 and younger.  Children from Tallack Dojo and Tallack’s Karate Kids Program under the direction of Renshi Melanie Loxton and Renshi Kyle Cochrane gathered for Competition Training and enjoyed Kata and Kumite training with their peers.

The afternoon opened to the largest amount of seminars ever offered here for our Kingston event. We had wonderful instruction from Hanshi Chris Diliberto, Hanshi Bob Davis, Kyoshi Louise Chevalier, Kyoshi Sylvain Berthiaume, Kyoshi Martin Ricketts, Sifu Robin Young, Kyoshi Mike Sywyk, Renshi Steve Dorion, Renshi Jonathan Morrissette, Renshi Dgina Girouard, Shihan Benoit LaFrance, Renshi Charles Diliberto, Renshi Julie Demontigny, Renshi Laurie Winter, Renshi Laura Sywyk, Renshi Melanie Loxton, Renshi Kyle Cochrane, Renshi Achilles LeFort, Shidoin Aron Uusatch, Renshi Mike Broekhoven, Shihan Mike Salcicolli, Helen Bienvenue; JuJutsu Instructors Les Letourneau, Jon Marconi, Keller Guimaraes all led sessions over the weekend.


Saturday evening we had a banquet for 119 of the participants. All of the instructors listed above and many of their students attended for an evening of social interaction and to honour our Award recipients.


We prepared Competitor Awards to recognize the outstanding achievements of Renshi S. Dorion, Renshi Charles DiLiberto and Mr. Ryan Shields, all of whom have won World Championships in Sport Karate. Mr. Jon Marconi was awarded ‘Kingston MMA competitor of the Year” for his efforts in the octagon. “Builder Awards” for life-long dedicated instructors were presented to Kyoshi (candidate) L Chevalier,  Renshi D. Girouard, Renshi K Cochrane and Kyoshi M. Sywyk. Chelsea Tobin Memorial Award was presented to Renshi Julie Demontigny by Chelsea’s mother, Wendy Tobin. Humanitarian Award was presented to Mr. Robin Young, who as a retired college professor for Para medicine has volunteered and traveled across the globe as part of Canadian relief efforts. His dedication to both Martial Arts and helping those in need combine to make him an admirable human being, certainly a great role-model. Hanshi Christopher DiLiberto was recognized with a Life-time Achievement Award in recognition of his efforts in building Budo in Canada.


Sunday morning moved onto another series of seminars taught by the instructors of the weekend. After training, presentations for Yushu-sho, Shorei-sho and Doryoku-sho to some 30 of the participants concluded the morning.



Sunday afternoon was host to the annual DNBK event where dojo and individual presentations were first, followed by certificate promotion to select members.


We want to thank everyone who came out, attended, participated, spectated, volunteered, assisted, and everything else to make our weekend a success.

We will leave you with today’s quote. Thank you!

“Life lived for tomorrow will always be just a day away from being realized.” – Leo Buscaglia


Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/leo_buscaglia_106493

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