Wisdom Wednesday

That’s it, I’m moving to Japan ;p – https://kotaku.com/japan-is-getting-yet-another-cool-starbucks-1820244827


Japan Is Getting Yet Another Cool Starbucks

[Image: Starbucks Japan]

Does Japan have a monopoly on cool Starbucks? It can seem that way. Later this year, the country is getting yet another neat-looking one.

And in December, a new Starbucks is opening in an old building: Dogo Onsen Station. Located in Matsuyama, the building is a reconstruction of the original station built in 1911. It’s a prime example of the Western style buildings that went up during the Meiji Period.

[Image: Toshoken]

Via Toshoken, here is what the building looks like before it’s turned into a Starbucks. (You can see concept art for the finished coffee shop in the top photo.)

[Image: Starbucks Japan]
[Image: Starbucks Japan]

And here’s how the inside will look.

Hopefully, the ghost people won’t be there when this Starbucks opens on December 22.

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