Monday Weekly Update


Hey everyone!


We hope that you had a great weekend, as we sure did!


It was long and very busy, but the 11th Annual CKKA Gathering Weekend came to a close yesterday and we could not be happier on how it went! There was over 300 attendees for the weekend, including competitors, instructors, participants, volunteers, and their families.


We want to thank all of the visiting schools and their students for travelling to Kingston for this event, as well as all of our local Tallack students and volunteers for helping out, we could have not done it without you!


The weekend held a chance for some of our Tallack students to test in Kung-Fu Animal Form Certification as well as Black Sash Rank Testing. The following is a list of the successful candidates.

Animal Form Certification:

Michael Brodie – Crane Form

Sam Crabtree & Jennifer Ecclestone – Dragon Form

Hassaan Mahmud & Duncan McLean – Leopard Form

Tiffanie Bankosky – Iron Wire Form

Derek Broekhoven – Tiger Form

Kyle Cochrane – Snake Form


Black Sash Rank Testing:

Duncan McLean & Spencer Brown – 1st Degree Black Sash

Kyle Cochrane – 4th Degree Black Sash


Thank you again everyone, especially to our Kung-Fu Grand Master Instructor of the CKKA, Si Tai Gung David Chong, and our Master Instructor at Tallack Martial Arts, Hanshi Ken Tallack for sharing your passion of the Martial Arts with us.

We look forward to next year’s 12th Annual event to be held in Vaughan, Ontario, April 2018.

See you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

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