Monday Weekly Update

Hi everyone, we hope that you had a great weekend as we sure had a busy one!

This past Friday was our Teen Halloween Party, and the group had a great time getting a chance to hang out and have some fun!

Saturday was our Children’s Halloween Parties where lots of excited and costumed boys and girls were ready to have some fun and enjoy the snacks and games provided for the parties!

Saturday also saw a group of students travel to Trois-Rivières for a Quebec DNBK Gasshuku involving Kobudo Seminars, Rank/Certification Testing, and Dojo Demonstrations, below is a picture of the group at the event, a great turnout indeed!


This week at the dojo starts with classes still running for anyone who would like to come out on Halloween evening, we will have some Kicks and Treats if you would like to join us!

Our next big event will be on Saturday November 26th, as we will hosting our Annual 500-Technique Challenge and Salvation Army Fundraiser. Stay tuned for more information to come soon!

See you at the dojo,

  • Kyle