Monday Weekly Update

What a great weekend! We had a great turnout for our annual Summer Skills Competition & First Annual Summer Karate Games at Cataraqui Woods Elementary School this past Saturday.


About 100 practitioners participated in a morning full of events including highest kick competition, kata marathon, and team sparring. Funds raised from our event were donated to the Kingston Food Bank to help out a great local cause.


In the Afternoon, the day continued onto our Annual Black Belt Test and Senior Belt Examination. The Karate student group started right away at nearby Lions Civic Gardens Park where they trained all afternoon outside in the hot sun, testing their mental and physical limits as they practiced and performed every aspect of their curriculum.


The Kung-Fu group started the day with immediate individual presentations as our Grandmaster of our style of Kung-Fu in Canada, Si Tai Gung David Chong was visiting from Toronto, along with Sifu Darrell Couchie and Instructor Karen Grey from 3 Fires Martial Arts Academy in North Bay.


The Kung-Fu program students were graded and certified in two different categories, one for individual animal for performance, and two for Black Sash Rank Certification. The following students successfully completed their grading and certifications:

Iron Wire Form:

  • Duncan McLean
  • Kenny Cockburn
  • Jennifer Ecclestone
  • Katelyn St. Clair
  • Antonio Almeida


  • Samuel Crabtree
  • Charlie Ecclestone


  • Spencer Brown
  • Michael Brodie
  • Steven Ecclestone


  • Dominique Picard

1st Degree Black Sash:

  • Jennifer Ecclestone
  • Steven Ecclestone
  • Michael Brodie
  • Antonio Almeida

2nd Degree Black Sash:

  • Dominique Picard
  • Samuel Crabtree

Upon the recommendation of Hanshi Tallack:

4th Degree Black Sash:

  • Kyle Cochrane
  • Kenny Cockburn


The Kung-Fu group then headed over to the park to join the Karate group once our special guests headed back on their way home. The test eventually moved back to the dojo for a quick meal break and the final performances of the Karate testing students.


The following students successfully completed their Karate testing:

Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt):

  • Catharine Anderson
  • Matthew Anfossie
  • Tia Bankosky
  • Tiffanie Bankosky
  • Diann Callaghan
  • Alyssa Currie
  • Matthew Ferguson
  • Liam Hrechka
  • John Hussey
  • Dominique Picard – (Kobudo)
  • Camron Holsgrove – (Kobudo)

Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt):

  • Dominique Picard
  • Nic MacKinder
  • Melanie Loxton – (Kobudo)

Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt):

  • Kyle Cochrane
  • Melanie Loxton


Upon completion of the day of testing, the following students also received ranking:

  • Andrew Doucet – Jr. Black Belt
  • Derek Broekhoven – Blue Sash
  • Katelyn St. Clair – Blue Sash
  • Spencer Brown – Brown Sash
  • Michael Gordanier – Brown Sash

A big thank you to everyone who came out for our special day and worked so hard, congratulations to you all, you all deserve it and we look forward to seeing you back in class with your new rank soon!

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