Kyoto, Japan – Final Update

Sorry that this final update took so long, there was a lot to do upon returning to the dojo, and even more photos and things to sort through before this final update.


On the final morning of the first group’s visit. Hanshi Tallack held a small ceremony at the Butokuden, where we had been training and performing earlier in the week for the world Butokusai. He had received the official DNBK rank and title certificates from Hanshi Hamada the previous evening and presented the participants their awards in Japan for the complete experience.

Some of the students were already tested and/or already the ranks of which they received a certificate in, but some of the students were presented for a photo opportunity before they are to fully test later in June for their official Black Belts. Also, Sensei Loxton did the same with the physical Black Belts custom ordered in Japan with the students names and style written on them.


It was a wonderful experience for all of the students as visiting members from Victoria, BC (Kyoshi Richard Mark and Eduard Miska) also helped Hanshi Tallack with the presentations.


Here is the list of students who were presented various ranks and/or titles. Some were official as they were already tested for the rank and some were recommendations to be completed upon during the next testing cycle.

Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt):

Catherine Anderson (Recommendation)

Matthew Anfossie (Recommendation)

Diann Callaghan (Recommendation)

Callie Cullen

Alyssa Currie (Recommendation)

Matthew Ferguson (Recommendation)

Liam Hrechka (Recommendation)

John Hussey (Recommendation)

Stephen Petsikas

Dominique Picard (Kobudo)

Hunter McLellan

Derek Broekhoven

Michael Brodie

Camron Holsgrove (Kobudo – Recommendation)


Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt):

Dominique Picard

Melanie Loxton (Kobudo)

Alyssa Jory

Nic Mackinder (Recommendation)


Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt):

Kyle Cochrane

Melanie Loxton (Recommendation)


Godan (5th Degree Black Belt):

Dennis Butler

Martin Ricketts (Iaido)


Shidoin (Certified Instructor):

James Puhky

Melanie Loxton (Recommendation)


Renshi (Senior Instructor):

Mike Broekhoven (Recommendation)


The students that stayed for the extra leg of the trip had a great time visiting the Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle, and a special opportunity to train with one of Hanshi Tallack’s past students (Sensei Mark Dodds) who is now living in Kyoto and teaching in his own dojo.


Congratulations everyone, we hope you all had a great trip. Please look to our facebook page or flickr account for everyone else’s pictures that didn’t make it up onto the website.

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