Monday Weekly Update

We hope everyone is doing great!

Our first round of Karate Kids school program graduations went really well this past weekend, we are getting ready to help celebrate the graduation of our remaining program schools this weekend here at the dojo!

This week is also ‘Pre-Testing Week’, so make sure that you are in and getting ready for your tip or belt test for next week!

Later today or tomorrow, our final Japan trip update should be up, there is lots of pictures to go through, sort out, and alot to also write about for it, so please be patient a little while longer!

Coming soon is the Victoria Day Long Weekend, so be prepared for a slight change in class schedules next weekend.

Lastly, our end of school year tournament, skills competition, BBQ and Black Belt Test is coming soon, it will be held on Saturday June 4th. Look for more information on the flyer below.

We hope you have a good week, see you at the dojo!

  • Kyle

June 4th Flyer 2