Kyoto, Japan – Part 6

Part 6 incorporates our last three days in Kyoto, because these days were so busy with official events, we unfortunately don’t have any photographs to share. So the photos from this post are all of the ones taken from my phone that were not uploaded with the other day’s posts, so they are from all parts of the trip.

The two demonstration days for the World Butokusai and International Rensei Taikai went really well. Hanshi Tallack was pleased with our performances and we had no criticisms from the board of masters in Kyoto. Both formal dinners following the events were wonderful occasions to eat some delicious Japanese food, meet and make friends with other international members from all over the world, and to witness some wonderful cultural performances. With farewell speeches done, Hanshi Hamada was pleased to announce everyone’s great accomplishments and to let everyone know that the next Kyoto event is planned for 2020, in conjunction with the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Our final morning had a special presentation from Hanshi Tallack, all of that information will be in our final update later this week. Keep posted!

Once the rest of the group returns from their extended stay, we will have some more pictures to share with the final trip update as well as some final surprises for everyone following these updates will see.