Mike Broekhoven, Renshi, 4th Dan

Mike Broekhoven and his 5 year old son began their training in Goju-Ryu Meitoku-ha karate together in May 2000 as an activity they could practice together; it became a passion for both. Mike spent many hours at the dojo practicing diligently, and in December 2003, Mike tested for, and was awarded his first degree Black Belt by Hanshi Ken Tallack. At that time he began assisting with and instructing classes and he continues to pass down his passion and attention to detail to other students to this day.

In 2006, Mike was presented his second degree Black Belt by Hanshi Tesshin Hamada, chair of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK) International Division while attending a DNBK International Butoku Sai. This gathering in Toronto included many practitioners from around the world. He traveled to Japan in 2010 as chaperone for a youth team participating in an all-Japan Butoku Sai where he was awarded his third degree Black Belt, again presented by Hanshi Hamada.

He earned his fourth degree Black Belt in 2014 which was presented by Hanshi Ken Tallack. In 2016, while traveling to Kyoto, Japan, he was awarded the title of Renshi, also presented by Hanshi Tallack.

Mike currently serves as the National Secretary for DNBK Canada Branch. He believes in a life long commitment to fitness and physical activity. Outside of the dojo you will usually find him kayaking or cycling, and if you come to his class, be prepared to do more than a few push-ups!