Kyle Cochrane, Renshi, 4th Dan

Renshi Kyle Cochrane is a long-time student of Tallack Martial Arts. He started his karate training at age 7 at the Days & Bath Rd. location. Now, with over 20 years of training and over 12 years of teaching experience, he is helping pass on the lessons taught to him from Hanshi Ken Tallack to the students of Tallack Martial Arts.

Kyle is the current Lead Instructor of Tallack Martial Arts, overseeing every class and ensuring that all other instructors and assistants are teaching classes efficiently and effectively. He holds Black Belt level ranks in Karate, Kung-Fu, and Iaido. He also has official instructor certification (Shidoin) for Karate through the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai and for Kung-Fu instruction (Certified Animal Forms) through the Canadian Karate Kung-Fu Association.

Kyle currently teaches the 6-8 & 9-12 Year Old Advanced Karate Program and all Teen Karate Program Classes. He also teaches the Kung-Fu Program, Lion Dance Team, and at various Kingston area schools through the Tallack’s Karate Kids Program.

Through the DNBK, Kyle received his first degree Black Belt (Shodan) in Karate during his first trip to Kyoto, Japan for the 1st Youth International Butoku Sai in July of 2004. In 2006, he attended the Canadian Rensei Taikai in Toronto, Ontario. In April of 2008, Kyle travelled to Kyoto again to join the Canadian delegation for the 3rd World Butoku Sai where he was awarded the rank of second degree Black Belt (Nidan). In the summer of 2010, Kyle travelled to Kyoto for a third time along with fellow instructor Corey Young (The only two participants from ALL of Canada) for an Elite Budo Seminar Training Camp featuring Karate and Kobudo training. At this trip he was awarded the title of Shidoin for certified instruction in Karate. In the summer of 2011, Kyle helped organize the 2nd World Youth Butoku Sai & Canadian Butoku Sai that was held in Kingston, Ontario. That year he was also awarded the rank of third degree Black Belt (Sandan) in Karate.

In June 2007, Kyle received his first degree Black Sash in Kung-Fu from Hanshi Tallack. Bringing back and developing the Kung-Fu program of Tallack Martial Arts was his top priority, ensuring that the dojo would attend each CKKA Gathering event held annually from 2007 in Scarborough, up to and including organizing the

8th Annual 2014 Gathering hosted in Kingston. Kyle received his second degree Black Sash in 2010 and his third degree in June 2013. Kyle works with the CKKA on a regular basis, hosting, attending and providing seminars for Tallack Dojo students to help pass along the 5-Animal Shaolin style with grandmaster Sigung David Chong and other CKKA instructors. The re-introduction of the Chinese Lion Dance to Tallack Martial Arts was initiated with contact to the Chinese Canadian Association of Kingston and District and long-time peer and martial artist friend of Hanshi Tallack, Sifu Robin Young of Jing Mo Kung-Fu Club in Guelph, Ontario. Sifu Young attends Tallack Dojo on a regular basis to provide lessons and input to the class, the team then performs at various events hosted by the CCAKD including the Chinese New Year Celebration and other events such as Chinese Weddings, the Kingston Multicultural Arts Festival and the Kingston Dragonboat Festival.

In February of 2013, Kyle received the rank of second degree Black Belt (Nidan) in Muso-Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iaido under long-time practitioner and instructor of the style to Tallack Martial Arts, Kyoshi Robert Davis. He continues to work with Kyoshi Davis on a regular basis and to help with the recent development of the Canadian Iaido Division of the DNBK.

In 2015, Kyle led a group of students to Vaughan, Ontario for the 9th Annual CKKA Weekend.

2019 saw Kyle taking the reigns and hosting responsibility from Hanshi Tallack in producing and creating the 24th annual Winter Training Festival weekend held in Kingston. Over 150 participants attended the weekend full of seminars, awards banquet, and grading and certification testing.

Kyle is always working on his martial arts career by expanding his teaching and training styles to help improve his capacity to pass on his lessons taught to him by his teachers before him. Working on introducing the tradition of reading, writing, and speaking Japanese in his karate classes has helped introduce more of the martial arts lifestyle to his young students. He is always happy to see you in class and will help answer any questions you might have, but be sure to expect a question about your lessons back in return!