Dylan Richard, Brown Belt

Dylan first started training in 2010 at Centennial Public School in the Karate Kids program at age 6. Since then he has kept up his training in Karate. Dylan has also started his journey in other martial arts. He started Kobudo at age 11, Kung-fu at age 12, and Lion Dance at age 13.

Dylan is an assistant instructor in our Children’s Advanced classes, and loves sharing the path of Karate with them. He is also a member of the Tallack Martial Art’s Demonstration Team, and acts as a role model for his teammates.

Dylan has attended several events throughout his journey including Tallack Martial Art’s Winter Training Festivals, and 500 Technique Challenges. He has also gone to several CKKA events and won trophies and medals for his kata, weaponry, sparring, and creative forms.

Currently wearing Brown Belt and preparing for his 1st degree Black Belt test, Dylan is ecstatic to teach and pass on his knowledge as the newest member to the Tallack Martial Art’s instruction team.