2019 Winter Training Festival – Youth Event

For the Weekend Event, Ages 9+, click here!

Youth Event Idea 1 print2019 Winter Training Festival – Youth Event

Saturday February 16th, 2019 – 9:00-11:00 am

At the Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront – 2 Princess St.

Tallack Dojo invites you to our annual Winter Training Festival! Below is information on our event for all dojo students, age 4-8, and includes our Karate Kids Program student members. We hope that you can join us!

The event will start off with the “Karate Games” competition, seeing which students have the highest front kick, longest flying side kick, most pushups, fastest punches, and then featuring their separate divisions which are indicated below.

Special Division Event for 4-5-year old’s & Karate Kids Members

4 and 5-year-old youth as well as our Karate Kids Program Students will get their first chance to practice and then present their best karate moves or Kata’s in a welcoming, fun, and encouraging manner to provide courage and self-confidence building in the student to help for future ranked competition practice.

*Admission for 4-5-year old’s and Karate Kids Members is by donation to our fundraiser*

Competition Training for 6-8-year old’s

Competition Training will prepare these young students to enter future Martial Arts Competitions for Kata and Sparring events.

Kata Training:

Students will participate in Kata Presentations that will be coached and assisted, helping the youngsters understand the participation rules and procedures as well as critiquing their performance.

  • One entry coach will ensure they come forward and perform properly, and one after-score coach will review what went right or wrong.
  • They will come forward, present their Kata, receive their scores, then go to the after-performance coach who will record their scores on the certificate provided.

Sparring Training:

Students will be put into groups of 4, and will compete with other groups of 4. This will provide each student with 4 practice matches. 

  • Age, size and experience levels will determine the groups and be divided as best as possible.
  • They will wear protective equipment and receive points based on the judge’s opinions of the techniques.
  • NO CONTACT is permitted, and contact above the shoulders is considered a foul, and that match is forfeit.
  • A participant who commits a foul forfeits that match only, and may continue onto the next match.
  • All sparring participants will record their results on the certificate provided with the Kata practice portion.

*Admission for 6-8-year old’s is a $25 fee (HST Included)*

These funds will go to help with the cost of the venue and event, with profits donated to 2020 Kyoto Trip Fund. Assisting local travelers with the cost of attending the World Martial Arts Festival, in Kyoto, Japan, April 2020.

Youth Event Poster

Youth Event Information Sheet

Youth Event Registration Form

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